Solutions As Unique As The Problems They Solve

, Photo of attorneys Irena Inman, David L Callahan, Dahlia Bonzagni and Laurel A Barraco ,

Meet Our Attorneys

David L Callahan photo

David L. Callahan

Laurel A Barraco photo

Laurel A. Barraco

Irena Inman photo

Irena Inman

Dahlia Bonzagni photo

Dahlia Bonzagni

Peter Delano photo

Peter Delano

Hannah White photo

Hannah White

Christian Homsi photo

Christian Homsi

Alissa E Brill Photo

Alissa E. Brill

Victoria S Miranda Photo

Victoria S. Miranda

Lisa M Azar Photo

Lisa M. Azar

Greg J. Moscatel Photo

Greg J. Moscatel

Mrinalini C Bhaumik Photo

Mrinalini C. Bhaumik

Headshot Of Attorney Alyssa A. Kilmurray

Alyssa A. Kilmurray

Attorney Victoria A. Carbone head shot

Victoria A. Carbone