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Knowledgeable Attorneys Handling Breakups When One Spouse Is In The Armed Forces

Last updated on September 28, 2023

Any divorce is difficult, but when a husband or wife is on active military duty, only a lawyer familiar with the special circumstances of military divorce litigation can provide comprehensive representation. At Callahan | Barraco, our attorneys understand military procedure and lifestyle, so we can protect your legal rights without having to learn on the job.

Skilled Family Litigators Working On Behalf Of Service Members And Their Families

Military life often takes people far away from their homes and loved ones. If your marriage is ending, we will provide the legal support you need and advise you on issues including:

  • Residency rules for service members and their spouses
  • Calculating military compensation for purposes of spousal and child support
  • Jurisdiction and procedure when a service member is deployed away from the marital home
  • Access to base privileges, military pensions and other benefits available to active duty personnel, veterans and their families
  • Health insurance for children and former spouses under TRICARE

In addition to providing thorough counsel for the legal aspects of your divorce, Callahan | Barraco attorneys never forget the special pressures faced by military members. We take great pride in fulfilling our obligation to assist the men and women who have made sacrifices for us either through personal service or as a military family member.

Diligent Lawyers Protecting Your Rights In Divorce Disputes

Our Massachusetts divorce attorneys pursue optimal results on behalf of our military and civilian clients. Whether your dispute relates to spousal support, the care of your children or the distribution of marital property, we won’t rest until you achieve the outcome you seek. Through strong advocacy in negotiation and trial, we will strive to achieve an outcome that fully acknowledges your legal rights and contributions to your family.

Contact Effective Westborough Attorneys For Military Divorce Representation

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