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Is A Prenuptial Agreement Right For You?

Both prenuptial agreements (prenups) and postnuptial agreements (postnups) are like insurance. Virtually no one marries with the idea of later divorcing, but through prenups and postnups, spouses can mutually acknowledge the importance of each other’s financial security. To create an enforceable prenup or postnup, work with an attorney who will ensure that you complete all requirements to put your desired legal protection in place.

At Callahan | Barraco, we place a high priority on clear communication. We will help you understand and create a prenup or postnup to suit your needs. Many clients find our family law attorneys respectful and efficient – beginning with initial discussions with their fiancé(e)s.

Considerations For Prenups And Postnups

You and your spouse or the person you plan to marry may be interested in a prenup or postnup for one or more of these reasons:

  • It is or will be a second or third marriage for one or both of you. You are realistic about the possibility of divorce someday.
  • One or both of you have children from previous relationships and you want to protect their future inheritances.
  • One or both of you have assets such as stakes in business ownership that need to be kept separate and protected during your marriage and afterward if it ends.
  • Massachusetts divorce laws do not recognize separate versus marital property for purposes of asset division, but you and your spouse or spouse-to-be may make your own distinctions through a prenup or postnup.
  • Either or both spouses may be co-owners of properties (such as inherited vacation homes) shared with extended family members.
  • A postnup can be a useful tool for reconciliation when a marriage has been on the rocks.

No matter what your reasons are for exploring the creation of a prenup or postnup – or revisions to such an agreement – you need legal guidance that you can trust. Callahan | Barraco offers customized counsel. Our large pool of highly knowledgeable lawyers gives you the opportunity to work with one who is well-suited to help you accomplish your purposes.

Discuss Your Potential Prenup With A Massachusetts Family Law Attorney

If you wonder whether a prenup is right for you, chances are good the answer may be yes. Our lawyers can help you broach the topic with your fiancé(e) in a trust-building way. Then we can help you get ready to create a document that will meet your needs.

If you are approaching divorce, we can evaluate or challenge a prenup or postnup that may affect the property division process.

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