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How Your Inheritance May Figure Into Your Massachusetts Divorce Settlement Or Court Order

In Massachusetts, all property owned by both spouses may be considered divisible in a divorce. Inheritances may be subject to division, as well as other types of property. However, a skilled divorce law attorney can help you determine ways to protect your rights when it comes to any inheritance that you have received or may soon receive.

Turn to the team of lawyers and legal professionals at Callahan | Barraco for information and guidance with regard to your inheritance and property division.

Do Any Of These Situations Apply?

You may have greater leverage to hold onto your inheritance in a divorce settlement if any of these descriptions are valid:

  • You received it before you married.
  • You received it after divorce proceedings were already underway.
  • You have not commingled it with assets that you and your spouse shared.

Some inheritances are extra complex, possibly including real estate, stocks and business assets. Our large pool of family law attorneys includes lawyers with extensive experience handling sophisticated marital estates. You can count on us to focus on your priorities, such as the protection of inherited money or property.

If you and your spouse excluded inheritances from potential division through a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement, the prenup or postnup may have settled the issue in advance. Ask a family law attorney to review your prenup or postnup and make sure it cannot be overturned through a challenge.

Discuss Your Inheritance And Your Divorce With A Family Law Attorney

Understand what the law says and what you can negotiate for as you consider all assets before a Massachusetts divorce, including received or expected inheritances. The attorneys at Callahan | Barraco can help you navigate the property division process without undue stress. Call 508-271-7963 or complete a contact form to schedule a consultation with a knowledgeable lawyer at our firm.