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Massachusetts Will Contests And Probate Disputes Representation

Ideally, every will would be meticulously crafted, comprehended and respected, while all trusts would be executed smoothly according to their written terms. However, in reality, disputes often arise between wills and trusts due to uncertainties, conflicting interests or dishonest motives.

The knowledgeable probate litigation attorneys of Callahan | Barraco, possess the expertise to effectively contest a will or safeguard your interests amidst these difficult and high-stakes conflicts. Having served Westborough for years, our team advocates for fiduciaries and beneficiaries involved in estate and trust matters. We also represent excluded heirs or fiduciaries in probate disputes.

What Is Probate Litigation?

Probate litigation pertains to legal conflicts that arise while managing the assets of a deceased individual’s estate. These conflicts are commonly triggered when there is a challenge to a will or other estate planning document.

Probate litigation arises when disagreements or conflicts occur during the asset settlement process. Some common scenarios are:

  • Will contests: Disputes regarding the validity of a will
  • Interpretation disputes: Conflicts over the meaning or intention behind certain estate documents
  • Fiduciary litigation: Legal issues involving the actions of executors, administrators or trustees

Not all disagreements during probate lead to litigation.

Experienced Help And Comprehensive Care

Probate litigation does not have to be a complex process. Our estate planning attorneys are equipped to assist you in challenging situations. We offer:

  • Investigation: We can thoroughly investigate the circumstances surrounding the creation of the will by gathering evidence, interviewing witnesses and reviewing medical or psychological assessments.
  • Document analysis: Our skilled attorneys can carefully analyze the estate documents to determine the deceased’s intent.
  • Review of fiduciary actions: We can scrutinize the actions of executors, administrators or trustees to ensure compliance with their fiduciary duties.

Regardless of the nature of your case, our skilled probate attorney can combine legal expertise, negotiation skills and courtroom experience to resolve probate litigation effectively.

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