Tips for Divorced Parents when Co-Parenting through the Holidays

The holidays can be a very stressful time for some people, when you’re divorced and trying to share custody of children it can be even more so.   Over the years our attorneys have handled over a thousand divorce and custody matters, here are some tips to make the holidays more enjoyable for yourself and more importantly, your children:

Most importantly, put your children’s wishes first.  It may sound simplistic but divorced parents often have difficulty in this area.  It is easy to be more focused on “my time” with the children rather than stepping back and asking yourself what your children would want most for a particular holiday.

Attempt to spend the holiday together.  The first Christmas morning is always the most difficult for newly divorced parents and children.  If possible, try be together on Christmas morning so both parents get to enjoy watching the children open gifts from Santa.  And when it comes to gifts from Santa, share the cost.  It’s bad enough Santa gets the credit for all the cool gifts on Christmas morning, it stings twice as much when one parent has to foot the entire cost of all the gifts.  Spend some time with your ex and go over a list of what the children want and coordinate who is going to by what gifts, that way the cost is shared and you won’t get duplicate gifts.


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