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How to prepare for an initial consultation

On Behalf of | Sep 7, 2022 | Divorce

If you are getting divorced, it’s generally in your best interest to do so with a team of advisers. These individuals may be able to help you obtain spousal support, a portion of your marital estate, and other resources that you may be entitled to under Massachusetts law. It’s common to consult with a professional prior to making a hiring decision, and you can get the most out of consultation by preparing for it ahead of time.

Bring all of your financial documents

Spousal support payments are primarily based on how much your spouse is worth. Your spouse’s income will also play a role in determining how much child support you might receive if you are a child’s primary caregiver after your marriage ends. Documents such as tax returns and pay stubs can calculate how much you are likely entitled to in a settlement. Financial records can also determine if an asset should be labeled as joint or separate property.

Debts may also be divided in a settlement

If you accrued a credit card, auto loan, or any other type of debt while married, the balances may also be divided in a divorce settlement. Therefore, you should bring bank, credit card, or loan statements to an initial consultation so your prospective adviser can help you understand what might happen to existing balances.

Strive to be transparent

Your adviser is more likely to do a good job representing your interests if he or she has the information to do so. This means that you need to be honest about the facts in your case even if you think that they may paint you in a bad light.

Generally speaking, it’s best to start preparing for a divorce as soon as you think your marriage is coming to an end. This should give you plenty of time to obtain tax returns, bank statements, or other records that might make it easier to receive an equitable settlement.